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Independent Play at Home Course

Learn how to create and maintain a space in your home that encourages independent play with this complete blueprint.

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The Just 10 Toys" List
Declutter Your Toys in 5 Days or Less
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Learning at Home

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Less is More 

LESS toys.

LESS clutter.

LESS time cleaning up. 

LESS frustration.

But more importantly,

LESS of YOU needed in their play. 

Which leads to...

MORE independent play.

MORE time for you to do the things you want/need to do.

  • Do you wish your child would play independently for longer periods of time?

  • Do you feel like your home is being dominated by toy clutter?

  • Are you tired of living in a constant state of clean-up time? 

  • Do you have a vision for a beautiful, functional and tidy play area in your home?

  • Do you find it hard to maintain your child's play area and incorporate clean-up rhythms into your day? ​

I've been there Mama, and I'm here to help you!


Independent Play at Home Course

Peaceful Playroom Workbook  (2).png

A complete blueprint for creating and maintaining a functional, purposeful play area in your home that supports independent play.

Declutter Your Toys

Declutter your PlayRoom Guide_ppwaitlist (3).png

Our step-by-step process for decluttering toys in 5 days or less. You will be left with only quality toys that support your child's development in the best ways.

Just 10 Toys List

just ten toys download

This free download shares the ONLY 10 toys you need for each stage of early childhood development. We will share our favorite open-ended, quality toys that stimulate children in all of the right ways. Less really is more when it comes to toys.

Children's Room

Guided by Child Development

As far as PLAY goes, we've got 2 guiding principles.


1. We honor play as a child's most important work (just like Montessori did).


2. We believe that the environment is the third teacher (just like the Reggio Emilia approach does). 

Combining these two principles with decades of experience creating play spaces, has taught us that less is more when it comes to toys and children's spaces.


We know that things like colors, furnishings, storage, textiles, clutter, rhythms, routines, and more all make a difference in a child's ability to play independently.


We are here to help you learn how these things can completely change the way your child plays.

With a little time and effort, you WILL make changes that last. 

We've got tools galore to help you create {and maintain} beautiful, functional, play spaces in your homes so that your children can play independently and purposefully. And so you can get things done.

Let's work together to simplify your home, motherhood, and the childhood of your children.

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