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A complete blueprint for creating and maintaining a functional, purposeful play area in your home that is supportive of independent play.

Create, and maintain, a beautiful & peaceful play space with the right:

colors, toys, textures, materials, storage, furniture placement and rhythms 


cultivate a play space of peace and purpose, instead of mess and chaos.


So that your children can play independently and you can spend your time on the things that you want and need to do. 

Individual Independent Play at Home Course Modules

If you'd like to give the course a try by purchasing one of the modules a la carte, we've given you that option!


Just click below to purchase the following modules individually (not all modules are available a la carte). 

While this won't give you all of the tools you need to support independent play at home, it will give you one of the pieces of the puzzle to get started!

PLUS: You'll also receive Module 1: Overview & Goal Setting with your purchase completely FREE!

*due to the digital nature of the individual modules, we aren't able to offer refunds at this time*

**however, the full course, Independent Play at Home, does have a money back guarantee (see in FAQs)**

Dining Room Table

Module 3 is all about colors, lights and sounds. In this module, you'll learn about how all of these stimuli act as part of the sensory experience for children. I also share my recommended paint colors for play spaces, give lighting suggestions, and discuss the difference between external noise, and noise made by playing.


Module 4 is all about how to incorporate textures (rug and plants to name a few) into your play space and why they are important. You'll also learn about furniture (child-sized and not) and how to use it as a tool for independent play!


Module 5: Play Zones

What are play zones? Where should they go? What should you put in them? Are they ALL equally important? We'll answer these questions and more in this important module. 


In Module 7, you will learn all about my recommendations for storying and rotation toys. I will share also my favorite products for storing and displaying toys! All in the name of supporting Independent Play.


Rhythms and rituals are important for prioritizing tasks and as part of your family's daily life. This module teaches you how to create rhythms and rituals that make time and space for independent play, by breaking the day up into blocks of time and distributing your want-tos and have-tos. 

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