Playroom & Classroom Design Services

Feeling like your playroom does see much....well, PLAY? If your playroom, or the communal play space in your home isn't serving your family--isn't functioning how you want it to--then let's talk about it. Schedule a free call to discuss how we can help you achieve a functional and beautiful playroom that your children actually use.

toddler in rocking chair in playroom

Preschool teachers and early childhood educators looking for a classroom refresh? We've got you covered too!

From de-cluttering to decor we will work with you to bring your dream playroom or classroom to life.

Did you know research studies show that a clutter-filled space can cause depression and anxiety? Sensory overload and decision making fatigue are real things that are caused by unorganized and overfilled spaces. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by what's happening in your children's space--whether it's in your home or classroom--the children probably are too. Making a few simple tweaks can change the way they play, and the way you ALL feel. 

Whimsical pillows and ottoman

Hi there! I'm Amanda. Mama of three with over 17 years of designing spaces for young children. I've  paid close attention to what works in kids' spaces, and what doesn't over the years and am here to help you achieve the play area you desire. I'm currently working on her interior design/decorator and professional organizer certifications, and my design style is very eclectic--making it easy to be able to visualize solutions for almost any space!

Email or click here to schedule your free design call today!

So how does it work? 

1) We'll schedule a FREE call to discuss your project. Whether you just want help organizing and re-arranging or you want a complete overhaul, we can help. After our call, we'll send you a price quote within 48 hours.

2) Once you've decided to work with us, we will set up a 60-minute virtual design call. Or if you're local to Houston, TX, we can come to you! We will ask lots of questions and get an idea of your goals for the space, design style, and personality.

3) Then, we will design a play-space based on your wants, needs, room dimensions and budget. We can use existing furniture and materials, or buy new. Every step of the process is customizable. 

4) Next, we send you a 3D rendering, trello board, and shopping list. Upon receipt of these items, we will have another call to go over all of the details.You will have the opportunity to request changes/revisions 2 times during the design process as part of our service.

5) You can tackle your shopping list (ya either love shopping or ya hate it), or we can do all of shopping for you (thank you online shopping)! 

Together we will bring the room to life in your space. As a design client, you'll also receive a special discount to use in our shop.

So, what's the price? 

Design services start at as little as $199, but are really dependent upon the scope of the project. No two projects are the same!

Set up your FREE call to see if this is something that would work for you. After our call, we can send you a precise fee for your unique project. There's literally nothing to lose!



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