About Us

At The Copper Nest, we believe...

  • all children should play with quality, open-ended materials.

  • parents and teachers should be given resources that inspire them to support independent play in their children.

  • playtime should be maximized to optimally support child development.

  • quality toys should act as an additional teacher for young children.

  • childhood is the most important time in life and deserves a great deal of respect.

Toys in big name stores are often made of materials laced with chemicals that are unhealthy for our children, and bad for our earth. In addition, many toys are overstimulating with lights and sounds, and do not facilitate developmentally appropriate, open-ended play--which we know from research is the most beneficial type of play for children. With these things in mind, we set forth to bring safe, Eco-friendly materials into your homes and classrooms.



Our Story

Hi! I'm Amanda. Early Childhood Expert and homeschooling mama of three. Play-based learning is my jam! I believe in quality over quantity, engagement over entertainment and, simple over complicated when it comes to play. It truly makes me happy to be able to send simple, quality materials into your homes so that you can see your children engaged! I am a firm believer in giving children the time, space and materials they need to learn how to entertain, occupy and teach themselves. All of our products support this notion!


The Copper Nest began as Reggio/Waldorf/Montessori preschool program, and has transitioned to the site you are visiting now. Our work has changed, but our goal remains the same: to provide unique, engaging learning opportunities to young children.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, supporting my dream and small business!