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Declutter Your Playroom Guide

Introducing the Declutter Your Playroom Guide

5 days of decluttering and storage solutions that will help you create a playroom of purpose and peace.

Do any of these sound like you? 

-Your house has been taken over by toys, but your child doesn't play independently.


-You know that you have too many toys, but don't know where to start in the process of decluttering and organizing them.

-Birthdays and Holidays bring on an influx of unwanted toys that end up taking up space in your home, but never get played with.

-Your child's favorite game is "dump and go"--where they pull out a container of toys, dump them out, and move along to the next container. Then, rinse and repeat.

-You daydream about a functional, manageable play space with fewer toys that your child actually plays in.

Then this is the GUIDE for you!

This 20-page instant download walks you through decluttering your playroom. It just takes 20 minutes a day, for 5 days to create a space that brings you and your children joy. Your children will play more independently and clean-up will be an easy part of your daily rhythm. The days of tripping over junk toys and being triggered by toy clutter are over.

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“I really appreciate the decluttering guide! We live in apartment and have a young toddler. I actually downloaded it to give perspective as we are accruing our first toys— so I have used it proactively rather than reactively, and it’s been helpful for that! Thank you!"


What's inside the Declutter Your Playroom Guide?

The Declutter your Playroom Guide is a step-by-step process to turn your play space from:

cluttered to creative

messy to marvelous

tumultuous to tidy get the idea.

  • 5 Days of specific action items to get your playroom decluttered

  • Storage solution recommendations

  • Detailed instructions on how to sort, declutter and decide what stays and what goes

  • Criteria for “Quality toys" and why you want these toys in your space versus the junky ones

  • Encouragement and cheerleading throughout the process

  • Journal prompts to help you reflect and remember why you chose to download the guide and declutter in the first place

  • Gentle nudging for those who need a little extra push to let stuff go

All of this for just $9! 

Truth Be Told

Less is More when it Comes to Toys

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Just 20 minutes a day will have you feeling more peace in your home, and your children playing more independently in their space. 


If you don't have a separate playroom, that is OKAY! You can apply these same exercises to any area where you keep your children's toys. 

I will guide you through the 5 days with specific tasks, answering any questions you have along the way!

Grab the guide for $9 ($47 value)

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