Why you Need to Switch to Eco-Friendly Toys

Why you Need to Switch to Eco-Friendly Toys

June 24, 2022

As a mother of 3 with a master's degree in early childhood education and over 15 years working with young children, I've spent most of my adult life watching young children play and interact with toys. I've noticed some commonalities along the way, and I'd like to share a few of them with you today!

QUALITY TOYS MATTER. When it comes to toys, high quality wooden toys made with Eco-friendly materials always produce higher quality play. Why? Well, think about aesthetics. Think about how you feel when you are covered with a soft, comfortable blanket versus a rough, scratchy one. Have you ever had a time when you picked up an object and explored it simply because it feels good? Now apply that same sentiment to toys. Children play for longer periods of time with quality toys because they look and feel good.

Furthermore, as humans, we are drawn to natural materials like wood. Think of a child in nature, they automatically pick up sticks, leaves, etc. and turn them into play tools. Pleasure from natural materials is part of our DNA.

SENSORY DEVELOPMENT. Lastly, young children are sensory learners. They see, touch, smell and even TASTE their toys. This is a natural part of development. If you value a non-toxic, organic lifestyle, then quality toys are A MUST for you. You can feel good about the materials that are used, knowing they aren't laced with toxic chemicals like some of the plastic toys you find in big box stores. Plus, you are doing your part to ensure a healthy planet for the future of your kiddos.

LESS IS MORE when it comes to toys. Having a few QUALITY TOYS is much more beneficial than having dozens of cheap plastic toys. Children are easily overstimulated and suffer from decision making paralysis. Too many toys will leave your child feeling overwhelmed, quickly going from one thing to the next and leaving a trail behind them. Then, you are stuck with with a huge mess! With toys, invest in QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.
If you aren't sure how to scale back and choose just a few toys for your child, don't worry, we've got a website full of hand-selected eco-friendly toys for you to choose from. We've also got our "Declutter your Playroom" guide available for FREE for you to get started on your journey to safer toys. 
If you have more questions about selecting quality, green toys, visit our website and fill out our contact form. Or simply comment below!
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