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Baskets are Best for Toy Storage

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Y'all I've been trying to figure out the solution to toy storage for YEARS! As a mom of three and preschool owner, I've tried it all. Clear storage bins, color-coded bins, bins on wheels, open shelving, closed shelving, toy boxes. And I think I've finally nailed it down to...... you guessed it.... BASKETS!


Baskets make sorting easy and young children LOVE sorting! Lay out all of the baskets and put a sample of which items you want in each basket, then sort away. Clean up has now just become the funnest game of the day.

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes...which means there is a basket that is perfect for every single toy in your home! Baskets can stand free, they can fit onto shelves, into closets, under beds.

Baskets are aesthetically pleasing. We've talked before about how wood toys are more pleasing to the senses than plastic ones. This same concept applies to toy storage. By choosing beautiful baskets that look and feel good, you are contributing to the overall pleasing vibe of your play space. Baskets are also quieter than plastic bins so when they are being moved around, or filled with wooden blocks, you aren't bombarded with crashing sounds that make you (and your child) want to lose your mind. Which is always a plus for me when there are already lots of mind-losing triggers around!

Toy storage baskets also serve as decor for your space. We all love a good double-duty product, and when I can fill my home with baskets that are fun to look at which also contain my messes (not so fun to look at) that's a big WIN in my book.

When you aren't using them for toy storage, baskets can serve many other purposes in your home. Around here you can see them being used for laundry, shoes, and quick clean up when I get a text message that a friend is stopping by in 10 minutes. They hold our decorative couch pillows when we are sitting on the couch. I've used them to tote things back and forth to the car or classroom.

What else would you use them for? Tell me in the comments!

And shop our favorite toy storage baskets here >>> Toy Storage Baskets

Playfully yours,


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